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Three founders, three industries, one shared challenge: the implementation of IT disaster recovery. But how? Following extensive research, our founders discovered that no suitable solution exists to satisfy the needs of the market. Following a long evening in a pub in 2007, CONTECHNET is set up.

The vision was clear right from the start: every company should be using IT disaster recovery by CONTECHNET IT. Around two years later, the first version of INDART Professional® was released, then known as INDAPT Professional. Since then a lot has happened: more than 300 satisfied customers, three product areas and a mission to become the technological market leader for integrated management systems.

CONTECHNET = CONsulting, TECHnology & NETwork


All software solutions use a structured and above all a practical methodology. The solutions are intuitive to use and achieve results quickly. This transparency during the course of the project enables realistic planning regarding software costs, the length of the implementation and use in daily operation.

A shared database for information security, disaster recovery and ISMS minimizes data maintenance. If one solution is in use, the other solutions can all build on the data set.

CONTECHNET – simply different.

We are a fast-growing company and we want to be “different”. “Different” for us means being open to new ideas, innovative, curious, bold, passionate and opportunity-oriented.



  • sicher

    We give you the right tool so that you can be sure of achieving the desired result.

  • klar

    We provide knowledge and turn complex matters into understandable content.

  • ziel

    We provide a procedural module with which everyone can achieve their objective.

  • loesung

    Practical: we supply solutions based on real-life scenarios that support your everyday operations.

  • leidenschaft

    We are passionate and committed in everything we do and have the courage to be “different”.

A three-man company quickly developed into a large team. Today, CONTECHNET has 20 employees and continues to grow. And because it’s best to receive information first-hand, we let our employees speak for themselves. Why not take a look at our careers page to get an idea of what working at CONTECHNET is like.